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“Where you invest your love, you invest your life.” -Mumford and Sons.  A very simple lyric that really rings true for me.  Being a photographer helps fulfill my life but my biggest investment is being a wife and mom of two very loveable and crazy teenage boys. Throw in two golden doodles, two beta fishes, and a Hamster names Carlos and I can say my life is fully blessed. My family is my heart and the roots that keep me grounded.

Photography has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  It has opened doors and windows to places, adventures and friendships I never would of imagined. It has allowed me to be the storyteller, not with words but with pictorial essays. Photographs show how we laughed, cried, loved, and lived.  For me photos help capture little moments that can become a faint memory, they can bring joy, and they can help heal. When people invite me in their lives, it is a humbling experience and blessing wrapped in one.

My relationships with my family and friendships run deep in to my soul but another huge passion I have is to travel.  They (whoever they are)  call it a case of Wanderlust and I have it bad.  Growing up with a travel agent for a parent your constantly reminded there is more to life then your little world.  There is a whole world to experience and see, and when I have an opportunity to go I usually do. My passport is always kept up to date.

Still want to know more? Then I encourage you to give me a ring, send an e-mail, and follow my blog.  I would love for you to come beside me on my journey called life, and allow me the honor of helping document yours.

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