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Where have all the blog post been? Well, there’s been a lot of changes in the last couple of years. Some of you have followed me and my life on social network but for those of you who haven’t here is a short synopsis.   I basically took a 2 year hiatus from the photography business with a random job here and there.  The break started off by choice when we decided to do a house remodel.  Then it became out of necessity as we had to deal with some personal and health reasons that just needed to be the number one priority.  But things are settling down and busy in different ways.  The step back gave me some time to make some much needed changes in all areas of life.  I am looking forward to sharing some of those changes and of course to share all the new adventures life brings.  But one of the first things was to share with you the new website.

As with any industry and business changes com.  I have made some changes to the business and how I operate in general.   You may of noticed not many wedding photographs. Currently, I’m on break from photographing weddings on a regular basis.  With over 18 years wedding experience my life has brought changes where this part of the business needed to step back.  Will I ever shoot a wedding again?  I’m sure I will because I’m addicted to love and so enjoyed the wonderful clients and friends I made over the years because of this special moment in their lives.  I am still available for elopements, engagement sessions, proposals, anniversary and couple shoots.  Weddings will be considered on special commissions and circumstances.

The other thing is the new site is also my blog.  I love that there are some static galleries that remain the same but I love that you will be able to see new updated work and other things that make me tick all rolled up in to one place.  So take a look and enjoy.  We are still working out a few kinks on the mobile site but we are getting them figured out.

I would love to know what you love about the new site or if you see something that might need my attention. I’ll be pointing out over the next couple of weeks some of the features I love about the new site.

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