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Easter Story Cookies

It’s Good Friday and the beginning of a holiday weekend for most.  Some of you are either wrapping up your spring break or getting ready to head out.  Maybe even some of you just have a nice staycation planned. We usually celebrate the holiday with family and friends with a meal consisting of some type of lamb my husband prepares and a variety of seasonal dishes that friends bring to share.  We do the normal hiding of the Easter basket, coloring of eggs, egg hunt, and if were lucky the weather allows us to heat the pool and swim. (The swimming part for me is so weird because growing up I always had to wonder if I would be freezing in my new spring dress because of snow).  One of the things that we’ve done with our boys over the years is to make Easter cookies.  What is so great about these cookies?  Well they tell the story of Christ death and resurrection.  I can’t honestly remember how these taste it has been a few years since we’ve done this with the boys approaching 13 and 15.  But I do remember the surprise they had the following morning and what a great way to share with them the Easter story. I hope you can share them this year with your family.

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