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These Boys What a Threet They Are! |Family Beach Portraits

No there is no typo in the title. The last name of this family is Threet and I knew their father, Jamie,  as a kid growing up. Being the best friend of my nephews intertwined him in to our family. When he showed up after years of not seeing him at our annual family camping reunion, it was a nice surprise. In fact, one of the twins is named after my nephew and my son. A combination of their first names to make the name Timothy Cole because of the special relationship those two cousins have together. For this very reason is why there has always been a special place in my heart for kids I never even met. So this summer was a treat to finally meet the Threet boys. When Jamie asked, “Aunt Jill could you snap a few pictures of the boys?” How could I say no? And how if you know me could I just snap a few? This was a chance for me to spend a little time getting to know these boys.  What better way then a mini shoot?

All three of them are full boy and full of energy. I loved seeing the difference between the twins and the difference of the younger brother. One of the twins just liked to be silly, the other one was very accommodating but you could tell he wanted to get it over with.  The baby was all about the cool, serious guy shot. Despite the differances you can tell they are brothers. Having four brothers of my own and two boys there is just a special bond between brothers. Most of the time it is unspoken bond.  But for some reason most brothers and hopefully these boys as well will always understand their brothers like only brothers can. When I look at these photos I see things that are timeless: childhood, summertime, brotherly fun.

At the beginning of the session none of them really wanted to get their pictures taken. There was so many other fun things to do at the campground and dressing up in your wedding clothes a day early for pictures was not what they had planned. But after a bribe of ice cream and a fantastic sunset swim the boys actually enjoyed themselves. In fact, the best compliment for me was that after the session they all wanted to become photographers. That night they sat around the campground pretending to be photographers. Taking time to direct the others and funny enough get in different positions as they pretended to take photos. It brought such a smile to my face and a warmth in to my soul to know that their session was so fun they wanted to be a photographer. I hope one of them keeps the passion.  Hopefully, I will get to see these boys again sooner then later. And maybe one day they will be taking my picture.

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