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The Pups turned “1” !| Fluffy Children

Just a quick little post today about our fluffy children Maxx and Finn. These two brothers turned 1 in the month of August and have brought us much joy in a time when we needed it. They great me every morning by jumping in our bed like our kids did when they were toddlers. The exception is my kids tongues stayed in their mouths! But waking up to such happiness can only help put you in a great mood. But as you can tell from the pictures that some days they think our bed is the rink for WWF. This is not such a great way to wake up.

They are my office mates, and my kids playmates. As frustrating as puppies can be sometimes these two fill our lives with joy. They are the best of buddies and completely different in personalities. And believe it or not they are both Golden Doodles. Yes, same breed of dog but each taking on strong characteristics of either the poodle or the golden retriever. This post is a little late but just wanted to show off their one year portraits in one of the many spots they watch and guard.

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  • Jill

    Super cuties! It’s amazing they’re brothers!

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